The Choroi Organisation

The name was chosen by a group of people who, inspired by anthroposophy, set out to develop a range of instruments with a new kind of sound. In ancient greek, ‘choroi’ describes the combination of dancing, singing and playing.

The CHOROI Instrumental Range
Each age in history has its own musical tastes and traditions. The world of musical experience is continually evolving. Our acoustic instruments invite an innovative and creative approach to music-making. It is the inner architecture of Choroi instruments that enables the tone to resonate so freely in space.

The range of our instruments reflects in sound the whole human being, with each basic group corresponding to particular energies and qualities within us. In our body and soul, as in our instruments, harmony between polarities and properties creates a healthy, wholesome balance.

Our instruments are also the result of close co-operation between producers, distributors and customers around the world. Their priority is to respond to the musical questions of today, provided by musicians, teachers and therapists. Their recommendations frequently flow into the ongoing development of the instruments.

The CHOROI Organisation
Choroi instruments are made by teams of experienced instrument-makers and  people who are socially disadvantaged or have special needs. Making a cultural contribution through their work on innovative high-quality products is important and highly meaningful to them.
There are currently ten independent social-therapeutic workshops in six countries with over 200 participants.
The umbrella organisation Choroi Association e.V. co-ordinates and supports the different spheres of work. Choroi Vertriebs-GmbH and its international partners oversee the marketing side and promote the instruments worldwide.
The workshops are places of work and training and are basically non-profit-making. Each Choroi instrument is an active part of a social healing process and a contribution of our co-workers to the musical culture of our time.

Our research is also connected to the ‘Freie Hochschule at the Goetheanum’ in Dornach, Switzerland.